A downloadable Game Show Player for Windows

Current Release - 0.3 (Functionally Complete and now includes Media clues: Video Images and Audio)

Do you love game shows, but hate that its filled with a bunch of normie questions, instead questions about Stargate Atlantis (or whatever nerds are into these days)? Want to create your own style of "Jeopardy" game show for you friends, but don't want to use visually boring Jeopardy-style games in powerpoint? The search for a good Jeopardy app is over with JeoParody!

JeoParody is a simple-to-use game show player, that is easy to edit. It's as simple as editing .txt files. The process of running a session is as smooth as any TV gameshow would make it out to be, with a simple mouse + two keyboard button control scheme. Additionally, there are debug options to fix any errors made during a session.

0.3 Release  - JeoParody is now has Media Clues! This includes Video, Images, and Audio+Text. Other updates include the ability to reveal categories, one by one, and negative scores are now in a red font. Some other spelling errors and bugs have also been fixed.
Still no buzzer feature yet, as my current personal use involved  the use of an online buzzer alongside the program  (I recommend buzzin.live). Two sample play sessions are included. In a future release, I'll include media clue examples.


Jeopardy0.3.2Release.zip 59 MB
JeoParody0.2.1Release.zip 20 MB


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Hey I have to say I loved this on Big Dogs and it took me forever to find the program. I appreciate your hard work so much and I made a game to bring to a party with friends this weekend. Thanks so much Cowfish13, I hope the game returns. It's always a highlight whenever I see people play. Making the questions was really fun and I can't think of a better program to present it. 

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It seems like an interesting program. The buzzing would be a good feature to add but I think the more pressing thing right now is that I don't see anywhere to get the answers for the existing questions? Having to replace them all or look them all up before being able to play is a pretty big hurdle! Cheers.

p.s. I did see that there were two other episodes in subfolders but only one of them seems to have answers? So three episodes come with it but only one seems to have answers.